Energy & Utility domain:

Energy meter

We are focusing on the de-regulated energy market of the U.S. Our web-based Customer Information (CIS)for Co-ops and Municipals and Billing solution to REPs mainly deals with the day to day market situation and handling up-to-date implementation with high degree of customization as per client requirement.

The policy followed by different states in U.S demands a highly reliable and flexible product. Incorporating EDI transactions,automated report generation, billing with different cycles, rate per unit calculation based on market clearing price and incorporation of ECS for payments already part of our service.

Mobile applications:


For smart phones:

The arrival of 3G & 4G service has created increasing demand for mobile applications and Widgets for smart phones. The open market has created great opportunities even for the individuals to make their products saleable and make quick money. But only innovative products & quality deliverables can help us to sustain in the industry.

We are working on creating such products for our corporate clients and also for the basic users. We are also working on bringing lighter versions of our products and services to work on smart phones & pocket PCs.

Wireless devices:

We are also concentrating on developing programmable wireless communication devices and handhelds. These devices provide seamless connectivity with other devices based on certain standard communication protocols. Data can be collected, validated and stored on the internal memory of these devices. Later on the data can be sent your PC or Laptop for further validations using an interfacing softwares.

Device fabrication, installation ,training , service and maintenance can also be done from our side.

Premise Management System (PMS):

Apartment Solutions

This is a SaaS (Software as a Service) implementation that include a comprehensive tool to plan, organize, budget, forecast and maintain all the needs of a premise or a community. At present we are focusing on the developing countries like Brazil, India and China where the demand and cost of labor keep on increasing everyday. It also incorporates social networking, links to other services and networks as value addition.

Our ultimate aim is to bridge the gap in the buyer and seller chain with our tool. The "one stop service" concept may not only help to reduce cost and commutation time but also reduces an individual's carbon foot print.

We also extend special services to support Social welfare organization and public awareness activities and child education programmes.